Van den Berge Handelsonderneming supplies red, white and yellow onions in various sizes and packaging units:


20/30 mm
28/40 mm
35/50 mm
40/60 mm
45/65 mm
50/70 mm
60/80 mm
65/85 mm
70/90 mm
75/105 mm
80/100 mm

Packaging units and Packaging Materials

250 gr to 2,5 kg; net bag
5 kg; net bag or band bale
10 kg;net bag or band bale
15 kg; band bale
18 kg; band bale
19,1 kg; net bag or band bale
20 kg; net bag or band bale
22,7 kg; net bag or band bale
25 kg; net bag or band bale
big bag
loose, on trucks

Each order is delivered:

  • on new pallets
  • with printed corner supports
  • with wrapper/strapping

Interesting facts

Onions belong to the Alliaceae, the onion family, just like leek, garlic, chives, shallots and pearl onions. As early as 3000 B.C., onions were a part of the Chinese diet. In ancient Egypt onions were used not only for cooking but also for medicine. The belligerent Romans, who travelled far and wide, spread the onion throughout Western Europe. Regularly eating onions diminishes the risk of cardiovascular diseases, thanks to the high level of quercetin, an antioxidant also found in tea, red wine and apples.

cooking with onions

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