Red beets

Red beets are available in the following sizes, packaging units and packaging materials:



Packaging units and Packaging Materials

20 x 1kg; poolcrate or net bag
5kg; net bag
10kg; net bag or band bale
20kg; crate
Loose, on truck

Intersting facts

Not everyone is a fan of red beets, but the number of those who are is increasing steadily. Recent studies show that red beets have some important therapeutic properties: they strengthen the body and its resistance from illness such as cancer, have a blood-cleansing effect and help build red blood cells. Red beets are highly supportive in the treatment of patients with malignant tumours; studies show that red beets slow tumour growth and reduce the negative characteristics of tumours. They also help repair the damage caused by radiotherapy.

In Russia and Eastern Europe, red beets are the most widely used vegetable, both in hot and cold dishes such as borscht, the famous Russian soup. Beetroot extracts are used for colouring sweets and other kinds of food.

cooking with red beets

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