The Company


Van den Berge Handelsonderneming is managed by Patrick, Harry and Artjan van den Berge, each of them having their own speciality and accompanying responsibilities.

Development & growth

Our company was founded by Johannes van den Berge, in 1959. For many years he acted as a broker for farmers, and development and growth were always the central points of his activities. In 1990, Van den Berge Handelsonderneming began aiming at the sorting and packaging of fresh agricultural produce. In 2001, in response to growing demand, our company took over a sorting business and has been growing ever since. Altogether our company premises have a floor area of 3,700 square meters. 


Initially Van den Berge Handelsonderneming sorted and packaged onions (white, red and yellow) only. Nowadays our assortment also contains shallots, celery root, carrots, red beets and parsnip. The sorting and packaging is done with state-of-the-art machinery.  

Company trucks

Since 2003, we have our own fleet of company trucks. It allows us to rapidly supply clients all over the Netherlands with dayfresh products.