Shallots are available in two varieties: regular shallots, banana shallots.

Standard packaging options (6):

band bale 5kg
net bag 250gr.; minimum order 20 units
net bag 10kg
band bale 10kg
net bag 25kg
band bale 25kg

Interesting facts

Shallots are full of nutrients and minerals as well as large quantities of vitamin A, B, C and E. With 50 – 60 kcals per 100gr., they are low in calories. Shallots are easily digestible and do not cause bad breath. They are naturally low in sodium and enhance the flavour of many foods. Studies have shown that regularly eating shallots significantly diminishes the risk of prostate cancer, probably because shallots contain a great variety of elements such as selenium. The sulphur-containing oils as well as volatile oils in shallots improve the intestinal flora balance and promote digestion. Shallots also are high in antioxidants; regular use diminishes cholesterol levels and thus the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

cooking with shallots

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